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V A - Ms. Cheshtha


Eng-Draw cover page of Railway carriage.

Ev.S-Do ex of L-13.Test of L-10 on Monday.

Maths-Do practice of C.W.Bring Geometry notebook.

Books-Ev.S,Hindi Gr,Eng CB,DD

Note-Tomorrow is drawing competition.Bring oil pastels.Theme-The sport that I like


Eng -Draw cover page of railway carriage.

Hindi-Revise CW

Maths-Test of ex-10.3 tomorrow.Bring Test nbk.

Ev.S-Do A2 of L-13 in nbk.

Books-Ev.S,Eng CB,Hindi Gr,Comp


Eng Gr-Complete pages of Tenses in book.Write a description on your father in CR nbk.

Maths-Test of ex-10.3 tomorrow.Note the temperature of your family members in your notebook 

Ev.S-Read L-13.Draw or paste any 2 examples of each type of simple machine in nbk.

Books-Ev.S,Hindi CB,Eng Gr,Comp,Maths Test nbk 


Eng Gr-Write a description on My Mother in CR nbk.

Maths-Do Q-1 of ex-12.4 in book 

Hindi CB-Read L-12

Books-Ev.S,Hindi CB,Eng Gr,G.K

Note-Tomorrow dispersal timings is 1:00 pm due to annual function.


Eng Gr-Revise Tenses for test.

Hindi Gr-Do pg-48,49 in book

Maths-Do Q-5 of ex-12.3 in nbk.

Ev.S-Try B4 of L-12 in rough nbk.

Books-Ev.S,Eng Gr,Hindi Gr,Comp

                             Note - Tomorrow is a usual working day.Follow Wednesday timetable.


Maths-Do Q-3 part d of ex-12.3 in nbk

Ev.S-Do ex of L-12 in book 

Eng Gr-Revise C.W.

Books-Ev.S,DD,Hindi Gr,Eng Gr


Eng Gr-Revise Tenses.

Hindi Gr.-Do pg-79,80 .Revise C.W.

Maths-Do remaining parts of Q-1,2 of ex-12.3 in nbk.

Ev.S-Read Work and Energy of L-12.

Books-Ev.S,Eng Gr,Hindi Gr,Comp,DD


Maths-DoQ-6 part c,8,10 of ex-12.2 in PC.Bring Maths PC

Ev.S-Do A4 of L-12 in nbk

Hindi Gr-Do pg-78,79 in book.

G.K-Do L-44,55 in book 

Books-DD,Hindi Gr,Ev.S,Comp


Eng Gr-Change the tense of any 1 sentence in 12 forms.

Maths-Do Q-5 b,c of ex-12.2 in nbk .

Ev.S-Read L-12 and prepare till magnetic force.

Books-Ev.S,G.K,Maths,Eng Gr

Prepare the poster on Fit India and bring it tomorrow.


Ev.S-Do ex of L-11 in book.

Maths-Do ex-12.1 in book.

Hindi-Revise C.W.

DD-Do pgs-59-62 in book.

Books-Maths,DD,Hindi Gr,Eng CB


Ev S-Paste or draw 2 pictures each of states of matter.

G.K-Do L-52 to 55 .Bring G.K.

Maths-Do Q-1 to 5 Test yourself -11 in PC

Eng CB-Read L-8 .Do pg-81,82

Books-Comp nbk,DD,Eng CB,Hindi CB,Ev.S



Maths-Do Q-1(ii) ,3,5 of ex-11.5 in nbk.

Ev.S- Try A4,A5 of L-11.

Hindi Gr-Do given letter in creative writing nbk.

Books-Ev.S,DD,G.K,Maths,Eng Gr


Ev.S-Prepare L-8 for test tomorrow.

Maths-Complete your work 

DD-Do pg-52,57 in book

Note-Poster Making competition on the theme-'Fit India'.Bring 1 light coloured A-3 size sheet and colours.


Maths-Do Q-6 of ex-11.4 in nbk.

Ev.S-Read L-11.Prepare L-8 for test.Bring Test Nbk.



Dear Parent
This is to inform you that the school shall remain close tomorrow i.e. 08.11.19, Friday from class Nursery to class 5 on account of MUN Conference in the school premises.
The School shall run as usual w.e.f 11.11.19 , Monday onwards as usual.
Regards BPSSV


Eng Gr-Do pg-57,59,60,62 in book 

Ev.S-Learn Part-B of L-8

Books-Ev.S,Eng Gr,Hindi CB,DD,G.K.



Hindi-Read L-11 and draw cover page.

Maths-Do Q-3,6,7 of ex-5.7 in nbk.

Ev.S-Read pg-44,45

Books-Ev.S,Hindi CB,


Ev.S-A3,4,5 of L-8 and explanation.

Maths-Q-1,2,4,5 of ex-5.7

Hindi-Reading of L-11


Comp-Read L-2.

Maths-Do remaining parts of Q-4,6 of ex-5.6

Ev.S-Try A3,A4 of L-8

Books-Maths,Ev.S,Eng Gr,DD


Eng Gr-Read L-7

Note-Bring material for diwali activity..cutting of 4 diyas on cardboard valvet paper pasted on it, decoration material.


Eng-Revise C.W.

Hindi-Revise C.W.

Ev.S-Read first 2 pg of L-8

Maths-Do practice of multiplication of decimals.

GK-Do Q-2 of L-47,L-49

Books-Maths,Ev.S,Comp bk nd nbk,


Eng Gr-Do pg-65 in book.

Maths-Do Q-1 part b,d,f,h and Q-2 part e,f,g,h of ex-5.6 in PC.

Ev.S-Learn B1-B4 of L-10.

DD-Do pg-50,51 in book.

Books-G.K,Eng Gr,Ev.s


Tomorrow is P.T.M.

Come according to your timeslot and in proper school uniform.Carry your access cards also.

Roll No.       Time Slot

1-10.              8:30-9:15

11-20.            9:15-10:00

21-30.           10:00-11:00

31 onwards. 11:00-12 noon


Maths-CW -Q-7 ex-5.1 and Q-1,2,3 of ex-5.2

            HW -Do practice of CW

Eng- Find the word meanings of phrasal verbs given on pg-52

Books-Hindi CB,Eng Gr,Ev.S,Dew Drops

Note-Mid Term papers have been given.Please send signed                 papers tomorrow.


                                 Date & Day –  5.10.19  SATURDAY                                

Let’s  celebrate GARBA FIESTA at BHARTI PUBLIC SCHOOL . A religious and fun filled day full of activities.

Flow for the same


b)  GARBA DANCE - Enthusiastically participation of students classes I to V.

            Attire  - Traditional [ girls- lehanga or suit, boys - kurta pajama]       

c)  PARTY TIME –  Bring coconut powder, powdered sugar , khoya , grated dry fruits  in small quantity and required material (plate, napkin, tablemat etc)

d)  ART TIME – Bring ART file along with colours.

     NOTE – 1. Bring school uniform.

               2. No books only healthy snacks , water bottle  along with almanac.

Maths-C.W.- Q-2,4 of ex-5.1
      H.W.-Do Q-3,5,6 of ex-5.1 in book.
Eng-Revise C.W.
Hindi CB-Read L-9 .Draw cover page.
Ev.S-Revise C.W.
Books-Comp Bk nbk,Maths,Art file nd book,Hindi CB

Eng. Gr. - Read pg 50.
Hindi - Read L-9.
Dew Drops - Read L-3.
English - Modals
Maths - Decimal Place Value Chart.
Special Assembly on Gandhi Jayanti.
Evacuation Mock Drill.
Showcasing of Live Webcast on Dengue Awareness.

Maths-C.W-Decimal Place Value Chart
      H.W- Complete your work.
Hindi Gr-Do Pg-58,59 in book.
Books-G.K,Ev.S,Eng CB,Hindi Gr
Note-From tomorrow dispersal timings is 2:10 pm


Prepare your ward for the group discussion on the shared topics as per the given schedule :

30 September, 19 Monday

Plant more trees to keep the Earth Pollution Free.

Each one plant one.
( Relate it to Plantation drive )

1 October, 19
Slogans and teachings by Gandhiji
( Relate it to 150 years of Celebrating THE MAHATMA )

3 October, 19
Say No to Plastic and make the Earth Fantastic.
( Relate it to Mission started by Hon'ble P.M Narender Modi " SWACHHTA HI SEWA HAI" )


Note-Dispersal Timings from Monday i.e. 30.09.19 is 2:00 pm.

C.W -Q-3 part-a,b Q-4,6,7 of ex-10.3
Eng- Reading & explaination of Poem-The beautiful spring
H.W.- Do remaining parts of Q-3 ,5,9 of ex-10.3 in nbk.
Eng-Learn poem-The Beautiful Spring .Draw cover page .
Ev.S-Do given activities.
Books-Eng CB,Ev.S,Hindi Gr

Maths-Do remaining parts of Q-1,2 of ex-10.3 in nbk.
Eng-Read Poem-The beautiful Spring
Ev.S-Read L-7.
Books-Hindi Gr,Ev.S,Eng CB

Eng - complete pending pages of CB & Grammar both. Bring notebook for marking.
Note - Eng , Hindi n EV.S worksheets have been uploaded.
Maths-Revise full syllabus.
Books-Hindi CB,Hindi Gram,All notebooks for marking.

G.K worksheet has been uploaded under the head 'worksheets'

Maths-Do Q-9 of ex-10.1 and Q-2,4,5 of ex-10.2.
Revision of Ch-2,13.Bring Test nbk.
Eng-Draw poster on Save Water in nbk.
Ev.S-Learn short nd long Q Ans of L-9 for test.Bring test nbk.

Eng - Write word meanings &  frame sentences of L 6 in Cr NB
Write an application to your principal for changing your section in CR ntbook
Maths-Do Q-5,8 of ex-10.1 in nbk.
G.K-Learn syllabus of Mid Term

4 .9.19

Eng-Learn Letter to M.C.D for drinking water supply
Hindi-Do Q-4,6 of L-8
Ev.S-Paste pictures of different dance forms.
Books-Maths,Hindi CB,Eng Gr,Ev.S
Note-Tomorrow dispersal timings is 1:00 pm.


Eng-Revise CW.Read Ch- verbs.
Hindi-Do pg-58 in Hindi CB.
Maths-Do remaining parts of Q-1 of ex-4.4 in nbk.
Books-Eng Gr,Hindi CB,Ev.S,Comp

Maths-Do Q-3 d,4 d,5 c part of ex-4.3 in nbk.
Ev.S-Do ex of L-21 in book.
Hindi-Do Q-1 given on pg-57 in book.
Comp-Learn L-6 for test.
Books-Eng CB,Hindi CB,Ev.S


Eng CB-Do pg-39 to 47 part B in book.
Maths-Do Q-2 part d of ex-4.3 in nbk.
Books-Eng CB,Hindi CB,Ev.S,Comp


Hindi gr-Do pg-57
Ev.S-Read L-20.Bring colourful stones.
Maths-Paste fraction wheel in nbk.
Comp-Learn L-1 for test on friday.
Books-Ev.S,Hindi Gr.,Eng Gr.

Maths-Do Q-4 pg-195 in Maths PC
Eng Gr.-Do Pg-22 in book.
Hindi Gr.- Do pg-54 in book.
Ev.S-Paste picture of social reformers as L-20 cover page.
Books-Eng Gr,Hindi Gr,Ev.S,MathsPC,Comp

Eng-Learn word meanings of poem-Puppy and frame sentences in CR nbk.
Maths-Do practice of ex-3.1 - 3.4
Hindi-Read L-6.
Books-Eng CB,Hindi CB,Maths,Ev.S
Note-UT papers have been given.Kindly sign and send them tomorrow.

Eng- Draw cover page of the poem Puppy and learn the poem.
Ev.S- Learn Q/A of L-6
Maths-Do Test yourself - 3 (pg-55) in book and Q-5,6,7,10 in PC.
Complete the activity in nbk.
Books-Maths,G.K. , Comp, Eng CB , Ev.S.


Eng- Revise C.W.
Hindi- Do book exercise of L-5.
Maths- Do practice of Ch-1,2 for U.T
DD- Do pg-26,28 in book and Read Pg-27.
Books-Eng GR. Hindi CB Ev.S.

Note - Tomorrow we have kept 27.7.19 Saturday  as L.B.B day in lieu of first Saturday of July month. So , kindly send your ward to be a part of this special journey i.e Learning Beyond Books.

Eng Gr.- Read Pg-39 , 40
Maths- Do practice of Ch-2 for test.
Hindi - Read L-5 
Note- Bring H.H.W  of Ev.S. tomorrow.
Books- Ev.S , Comp , Hindi CB
Art- Bring coloured papers, scissors , fevicol 

Note - . PTM tomorrow. Kindly adhere to the time slot.
   Roll Nos.            Time-slot
     1 to 7                   8 am -  8 ;45 a.m
     8 to 14                 8;45 -   9:30 a.m
    15 to 21                9;30-10;15 a.m
     22 to 28               10;15 -10:45 a.m.
     29 to 35               10:45 -11:30 a.m
     36 0nwards          11:30 - 12:00 a.m 
B. Pre Mid Term Examination will be from 8th July ( Every Monday)
C. Holiday Homework ,Datesheet and syllabus is uploaded on school site.
D. Revise the syllabus done till yet with Written Practice.

Maths- Do remaining parts of Q3,4 and 5 of ex-3.1 and prepare for test of 2.3 tom,
Eng CB- Do Q3 of pg-21 in book.
EvS- Read L-4 and draw pictures of pg-21 and 22 in N.B.
Hindi Gr.- Do book exercise of Nouns.
Books- EvS, Hindi Gr., Maths, PC, test nb.,
Note- Prepare one healthy dish for non-fire cooking activity along with ingredients and nutrition chart.

Eng Gr.- Dp pg-19 and write a paragraph on ' My Mother' in CR.
Maths- Practise ex-2.1 to 2.3 for test on Monday.
Hindi- Do Cursive Writing pg-1 to 5 and prepare L-3 for dictation on Monday.
Books- EvS, Eng CB, Hindi Gr.

Eng Gr.- Practise Nouns
Hindi CB- Prepare L-1 and 2 for test tom.
Maths- Try out some ques of ex-2.4 in PC and paste the origami activity sheet in N.B.
Books- EvS. ,Test Copy, Maths 
Note- Bring colourful rubber bands and small hangings for bracelet making activity tom.

Eng Gr.- Do pg- 11 to 13
Maths- Practise Ch-2
Hindi- Paste 2 Tulsi and Neem leaves and write their uses in NB.
Comp.- Prepare L-6 for test tom.
Books- DD, Comp., EvS, Eng Gr.

EvS- Prepare L-2 for test on Monday.
Maths- Do Q-12 to 14 of ex-2.3 in PC
C.R.- Write a self made poem on 'Mother'
Books- Art, EvS, Hindi CB, DD

Eng Gr.- Do pg-10
Hindi Gr.- Complete back exercise of L-2
Maths- Do Q2,4 and 5 of ex-2.3 in PC.
EvS- Read L-3
Books- GK, EvS, Hindi Gr.,Eng CB
Note-Bring filled plantation form tom.

Maths- Do Q4 of ex-2.2 in PC.
EvS- Do pg-15 and draw / paste pictures of different nutrients in NB
Eng CB- Prepareb L-2 for dictation tom.
Books- Eng Gr. , EvS.  Hindi Gr.

Maths- Do Q3 of ex-2.2 in book.
EvS- Read L-3
Hindi Gr.- Read L-2 and do pg-13
Books- DD, Comp., EvS, Hindi Gr.
Note- Bring old access card tomorrow .

Maths- Do Q2 of ex-2.2 in PC
Eng CB- Do pages 15 to 17 
EvS- Read L-2 carefully for one-words test tom.
Hindi- Read story on pg-24
Art- Complete pages 1 and 2
Books- Comp., EvS, hindi Gr., DD

Maths- Do remaining parts of Q1 of ex-2.2 in PC
EngCB- Do book exercise of L-2
EvS- Prepare L-1 for test on Monday.
Books- EvS, Test copy, Hindi CB, Art Book and File

Maths- Do Q2 of mental maths given on pg-34 in PC
Hindi CB- Prepare L-2 for dictation tomorrow and do pg-22.
EvS- Draw picture given on pg- 12 in NB.
Books- Eng CB, Maths, EvS
Note- Bring old access card tomorrow .

Maths- Do the work given in notebook.
Hindi CB- Do book exercise of L-2
EvS- Read L-2
Eng CB- Read L-2 and draw web chart of France in NB.
Books- EvS, Hindi CB, GK

Maths- Do Q-3 and 4 in book and Q5 (c and d) of ex-2.1 in PC.
EvS- Read pages 10 and 11 and draw pictures on pg-8 and 10 in NB.
Eng Gr.- Do pg-8
Books- EvS, Hindi CB

Maths- Do Q5 of ex-1.5 in P.C. and do pg-12 & 13
GK- Do Ch- 3 and 4 in book.
HIndi Gr.- Do pg-7
Books- EvS, DD, Eng CB

Maths- Do Q-1 in book and remaining parts of Q2 to 4 in PC of ex-1.5
Eng- Prepare L-1 for test on Monday.
Hindi- Complete book exercise of L-1
Books- D.D., test n.b., Hindi Gr., GK.
Note- Tom. is off.
See this link and bring material accordingly on Monday.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7mKoS1xRZA&feature=youtu.be

EvS.- Read L-1
Eng - Prepare L-1 for dictation tom. 
Maths- Do remaining parts of Q-3 and 4 of ex-1.4 in P.C.
Books- D.D., EvS, Hindi

Maths-Do Q-1 in book & Q2 to 4 remaining parts in P.C.
Eng C.R.- Do the paragraph given on pg-10 
Books- Comp., EvS, Eng CB

Maths- Do remaining parts of Q6 to 10 of ex-1.2 in PC
EvS- Read pages- 4 and 5
Eng- Do pg-5 and 7
Hindi- Do Activity on pg- 12
Books- Eng and Hindi 
Note- Bring Passport size photograph of yours and your parents by Tom.

Eng- Read L-1 and make a web chart of Don Quixote in notebook.
EvS- Read L-1 and draw pictures of 5 external and internal organs in  notebook.
Hindi CB- Read and learn poem of L-1
Books- HIndi and EvS
Note- Kindly fill the Access Card given and send it tom.

Note-1. Kindly fill the pages 7 to 10 of Almanac.
2. Make a tree on A3 size sheet and write your 3 wishes , 3 promises and 3 mistakes on the cut-outs of leaves