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V A - Ms. Cheshtha


Hindi gr-Do pg-57
Ev.S-Read L-20.Bring colourful stones.
Maths-Paste fraction wheel in nbk.
Comp-Learn L-1 for test on friday.
Books-Ev.S,Hindi Gr.,Eng Gr.

Maths-Do Q-4 pg-195 in Maths PC
Eng Gr.-Do Pg-22 in book.
Hindi Gr.- Do pg-54 in book.
Ev.S-Paste picture of social reformers as L-20 cover page.
Books-Eng Gr,Hindi Gr,Ev.S,MathsPC,Comp

Eng-Learn word meanings of poem-Puppy and frame sentences in CR nbk.
Maths-Do practice of ex-3.1 - 3.4
Hindi-Read L-6.
Books-Eng CB,Hindi CB,Maths,Ev.S
Note-UT papers have been given.Kindly sign and send them tomorrow.

Eng- Draw cover page of the poem Puppy and learn the poem.
Ev.S- Learn Q/A of L-6
Maths-Do Test yourself - 3 (pg-55) in book and Q-5,6,7,10 in PC.
Complete the activity in nbk.
Books-Maths,G.K. , Comp, Eng CB , Ev.S.


Eng- Revise C.W.
Hindi- Do book exercise of L-5.
Maths- Do practice of Ch-1,2 for U.T
DD- Do pg-26,28 in book and Read Pg-27.
Books-Eng GR. Hindi CB Ev.S.

Note - Tomorrow we have kept 27.7.19 Saturday  as L.B.B day in lieu of first Saturday of July month. So , kindly send your ward to be a part of this special journey i.e Learning Beyond Books.

Eng Gr.- Read Pg-39 , 40
Maths- Do practice of Ch-2 for test.
Hindi - Read L-5 
Note- Bring H.H.W  of Ev.S. tomorrow.
Books- Ev.S , Comp , Hindi CB
Art- Bring coloured papers, scissors , fevicol 

Note - . PTM tomorrow. Kindly adhere to the time slot.
   Roll Nos.            Time-slot
     1 to 7                   8 am -  8 ;45 a.m
     8 to 14                 8;45 -   9:30 a.m
    15 to 21                9;30-10;15 a.m
     22 to 28               10;15 -10:45 a.m.
     29 to 35               10:45 -11:30 a.m
     36 0nwards          11:30 - 12:00 a.m 
B. Pre Mid Term Examination will be from 8th July ( Every Monday)
C. Holiday Homework ,Datesheet and syllabus is uploaded on school site.
D. Revise the syllabus done till yet with Written Practice.

Maths- Do remaining parts of Q3,4 and 5 of ex-3.1 and prepare for test of 2.3 tom,
Eng CB- Do Q3 of pg-21 in book.
EvS- Read L-4 and draw pictures of pg-21 and 22 in N.B.
Hindi Gr.- Do book exercise of Nouns.
Books- EvS, Hindi Gr., Maths, PC, test nb.,
Note- Prepare one healthy dish for non-fire cooking activity along with ingredients and nutrition chart.

Eng Gr.- Dp pg-19 and write a paragraph on ' My Mother' in CR.
Maths- Practise ex-2.1 to 2.3 for test on Monday.
Hindi- Do Cursive Writing pg-1 to 5 and prepare L-3 for dictation on Monday.
Books- EvS, Eng CB, Hindi Gr.

Eng Gr.- Practise Nouns
Hindi CB- Prepare L-1 and 2 for test tom.
Maths- Try out some ques of ex-2.4 in PC and paste the origami activity sheet in N.B.
Books- EvS. ,Test Copy, Maths 
Note- Bring colourful rubber bands and small hangings for bracelet making activity tom.

Eng Gr.- Do pg- 11 to 13
Maths- Practise Ch-2
Hindi- Paste 2 Tulsi and Neem leaves and write their uses in NB.
Comp.- Prepare L-6 for test tom.
Books- DD, Comp., EvS, Eng Gr.

EvS- Prepare L-2 for test on Monday.
Maths- Do Q-12 to 14 of ex-2.3 in PC
C.R.- Write a self made poem on 'Mother'
Books- Art, EvS, Hindi CB, DD

Eng Gr.- Do pg-10
Hindi Gr.- Complete back exercise of L-2
Maths- Do Q2,4 and 5 of ex-2.3 in PC.
EvS- Read L-3
Books- GK, EvS, Hindi Gr.,Eng CB
Note-Bring filled plantation form tom.

Maths- Do Q4 of ex-2.2 in PC.
EvS- Do pg-15 and draw / paste pictures of different nutrients in NB
Eng CB- Prepareb L-2 for dictation tom.
Books- Eng Gr. , EvS.  Hindi Gr.

Maths- Do Q3 of ex-2.2 in book.
EvS- Read L-3
Hindi Gr.- Read L-2 and do pg-13
Books- DD, Comp., EvS, Hindi Gr.
Note- Bring old access card tomorrow .

Maths- Do Q2 of ex-2.2 in PC
Eng CB- Do pages 15 to 17 
EvS- Read L-2 carefully for one-words test tom.
Hindi- Read story on pg-24
Art- Complete pages 1 and 2
Books- Comp., EvS, hindi Gr., DD

Maths- Do remaining parts of Q1 of ex-2.2 in PC
EngCB- Do book exercise of L-2
EvS- Prepare L-1 for test on Monday.
Books- EvS, Test copy, Hindi CB, Art Book and File

Maths- Do Q2 of mental maths given on pg-34 in PC
Hindi CB- Prepare L-2 for dictation tomorrow and do pg-22.
EvS- Draw picture given on pg- 12 in NB.
Books- Eng CB, Maths, EvS
Note- Bring old access card tomorrow .

Maths- Do the work given in notebook.
Hindi CB- Do book exercise of L-2
EvS- Read L-2
Eng CB- Read L-2 and draw web chart of France in NB.
Books- EvS, Hindi CB, GK

Maths- Do Q-3 and 4 in book and Q5 (c and d) of ex-2.1 in PC.
EvS- Read pages 10 and 11 and draw pictures on pg-8 and 10 in NB.
Eng Gr.- Do pg-8
Books- EvS, Hindi CB

Maths- Do Q5 of ex-1.5 in P.C. and do pg-12 & 13
GK- Do Ch- 3 and 4 in book.
HIndi Gr.- Do pg-7
Books- EvS, DD, Eng CB

Maths- Do Q-1 in book and remaining parts of Q2 to 4 in PC of ex-1.5
Eng- Prepare L-1 for test on Monday.
Hindi- Complete book exercise of L-1
Books- D.D., test n.b., Hindi Gr., GK.
Note- Tom. is off.
See this link and bring material accordingly on Monday.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7mKoS1xRZA&feature=youtu.be

EvS.- Read L-1
Eng - Prepare L-1 for dictation tom. 
Maths- Do remaining parts of Q-3 and 4 of ex-1.4 in P.C.
Books- D.D., EvS, Hindi

Maths-Do Q-1 in book & Q2 to 4 remaining parts in P.C.
Eng C.R.- Do the paragraph given on pg-10 
Books- Comp., EvS, Eng CB

Maths- Do remaining parts of Q6 to 10 of ex-1.2 in PC
EvS- Read pages- 4 and 5
Eng- Do pg-5 and 7
Hindi- Do Activity on pg- 12
Books- Eng and Hindi 
Note- Bring Passport size photograph of yours and your parents by Tom.

Eng- Read L-1 and make a web chart of Don Quixote in notebook.
EvS- Read L-1 and draw pictures of 5 external and internal organs in  notebook.
Hindi CB- Read and learn poem of L-1
Books- HIndi and EvS
Note- Kindly fill the Access Card given and send it tom.

Note-1. Kindly fill the pages 7 to 10 of Almanac.
2. Make a tree on A3 size sheet and write your 3 wishes , 3 promises and 3 mistakes on the cut-outs of leaves