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V D - Ms. Shikha Bhutani

Eng Gr. - Revise Genders
 Note -Tomorrow is P.T.M.

Evs- Draw the life cycle of mosquito.
Hindi -Revise Muhavarah from book.
Books- Hindi Gr.,Eng.Gr.
Note- P.T.M on 17.5.19
Tomorrow is Non -fire cooking .

Ev.S.- Revise L-3 for cl.test.
Eng Cursive Writting-Complete upto pg-10
Hindi Gr.-Do pg-28,29 in book.

Ev.S. - Draw the Digestive and the respiratory system diagram in notebook.
Maths - Do Q 3,4,5,7of Ex-1.2 in PC.
Books - Eng., Dew Drops,Hindi Gr.

EvS.- Revise diagrams
Hindi Gr.-Do Q khal khal  of L-1 
Maths- Do remaining parts of Q-3 and 4 of ex-1.3 in P.C.
Books- D.D., Eng, Hindi Gr

Hindi -Revise L-2 for dictation and draw cover page of L-2.
Eng.-Revise L-1 for class test.
E v.s.-Read L-2 .
Books- D.D,Eng Gr.,test notebook .

Eng .Gr.- Do pg 6 and 7 in book.
Maths  - Do activity given on pg 14 and 15.
Rangmanch - Read L-1.
Books - Eng .Gr., Comp,Ev.S.

Maths- Do important points in notebook.
EvS- Read pages 10 and 11 .
Hindi -Do back exercise of L2 (Q-4,5,6)
Books- EvS, Eng CB

Eng .-Do pg-5,9 in book.
Maths- DO Q-1,4 of Ex.-2.1
Hindi -Do Q -2.3 pg 19.
Books- Eng CB,Ev.S.

Eng. - Read L-2 and draw cover page.
Hind Gr. - Read L- 2.
Ev.S. - Read L-2 and draw Joint (ball and socket )diagram.
Books - Eng., Hindi Gr., 

Eng. - Read L-2 and do pg-14 Q-A.
Hindi Gr.  Do correction work in notebook..
Maths - Revise C.W.
Ev.S.- Do back exercise Of L-2
Books - Eng., Hindi Gr..

Ev.S.-Revise L-2 Question -Answers.
Eng.-Do Letter writing given on pg-19. in C.R notebook.
Books-D.D,G.K,Drawing,Hindi Gr.

Eng. - Revise L-2.
Maths - Do pg-16 in PC.
Hindi -Do Q-6,7 of L-2
Dew Drops - Read and do pg 7(Know Yourself Better)
Books - Eng C.B, Computer

Ev.S -Revise L-1.
Hindi - Revise same as c.w.
Eng.- Do Q-1 Think and answer.
Books- Eng C.B

EvS- Revise L-2
Eng.-Find meaning of french words given on pg.-15
Books-, Eng Gr.,Hindi
Note- Bring old access card tomorrow .

Maths - Do Q 2 and 3 of ex-2.2 in PC.
Hindi- Read L-3
Eng Gr.- Do Q2(b) of L-2
Books- Eng Gr. , EvS.  Comp.

Hindi -Read pg 103,104 and write paragraph on summer season.
Eng gr.-Read pg -98
Ev.S.-Read pg-14

Eng Gr.-Do pg 1 in book .
Hindi -Draw Cover pg Of L-3
Ev. S. - Read pg14,15 and do activity given on pg -15
Maths -Do remaining parts of Q-04 Ex.2.2
Books -Drawing,G.K.,D.D,rangmanch

English- Revise same as C.W.
EvS-Revise pg-16, 17
Hindi - Do Q 1,2 given on pg-28.

Ev.S.- Draw tabel given on pg -18 in notebook/
Maths -Do Q-2,4,6,12 of Ex.-2.3
Hindi C.B.-Do Q-3,4,6 pg -19 in book

Eng gr.-Revise Nouns for cl.test.
Hindi Gr.-Read pg -12 and do Q-7 given on pg -30
Evs -Do back exercise of l-3 

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